Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Best Indian Wedding Planners in St. Louis!

Big Bow Events is without a doubt the best Indian Wedding Planners in Saint Louis. Our years of experience and attention to detail make us at the top of the mark among other industry professionals in the area to this highly specific field of service. We have planned, designed, decorated and serviced all aspects from floral and catering recommendations to song choices for various parts of a ceremony to DJ and Band selections. You are encouraged to visit our website:

and our facebook: Big Bow Events to see some samples of our work. Also, please do not hesitate to call us at 3145469172 or email at for additional information. We take great pride in servicing your event! Please see our wedding planning coupon below. It can be used on any culture's Events.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Check out the pictures of this really cool MultiCultural Fusion Indian American Wedding in St. Louis from this past weekend. Your friends at Big Bow Events are happy to be of service and were proud to be so well received by our clients and their guests. They thought our Mandap set up was amazing. Not to many places do authentic Indian Mandaps in the Midwest. Please call or email us with any questions regarding any of your upcoming events.Check out our Facebook: Big Bow Events to see more of our work :)

Affordable wedding soulutions are not out of reach.

Many of our prospective clients worry that they're taste and vision can not be accurately communicated because of budget concerns. When it comes to this and many other questions you may have, we offer this advice to brides on a budget:
1) Consult with an industry professional that has experience in planning, designing, arranging and coordinating all aspects of the work you want done. It is understandable that even though your wedding is a custom job and no one else may have your unique vision, they at least should be familiar with the majority of the things you want done and have a willingness to learn about, source and research the others. They can also give you advice on ways that you can save on your decor without it looking cheap. Keep in mind that even though the Dollar Tree has wedding items, they generally look like the cost a dollar.
2) Make sure that your vendors will work and play well with each other. Even though some of their services may overlap, (and one's price maybe just a little cheaper), stick with the one you originally contracted with as they may end up gifting you a lot more because of your loyalty on your day of. Pitting one against the other in some type of price war only creates tension and an unwillingness for any of them to go the extra mile for you or give you free final touches that make an event extra special.
3) DIY: Some brides feel that by doing it themselves they save money. Monetarily it may seem that you've saved a few bucks, in reality: Your time and peace of mind is worth a lot more than you think! Especially on your special day. Having to tie your own bows, arrange your own flowers and buss your tables at the end of the evening in your wedding dress are realities you may later regret. In many cases depending on friends and family members to help you may not always work out as tensions can be created during an already stressful time. No one wants unnecessary drama on their special day.
4) Listen to your own instincts and stick to your vision. Even though you want support during your special time, many bridesmaid friends and family members end up vicariously wanting to create their own vision on your dime. It only adds to the confusion when they are brought to every meeting and "contribute" their "advice". Chances are they've only been married once or not at all and have no clue what goes on behind the scenes in order to bring your vision to life. By having your design team redo your designs over and over again will only add to your final costs. Trust the professionals that you've hired. They are doing weddings every month and should know what touches will make your room beautiful.
5) Be upfront about your budget. By trying to not disclose what you are willing to spend on things, only creates unnecessary back and fourths that are time bandits. Be willing to share your ideas, pintrest and fabric swatches so that things are cohesive. Any design team worth their salt will be able to find ways to incorporate things that you like while sticking to your budget. 
6) Stick to your plan. Once your vision is put together, stick with it. Many brides spend more time on search engines looking at what they "could" have and not concentrating on keeping everything simple and clean. Modifications to contracts and themes cost more design hours and time away from other things you should be doing. During this time, we encourage you to spend those hours on the flow of your event so it isn't boring. Think about the evenings' entertainment, making sure the speeches don't run to long, that your guests are having a good time and not feeling like, "what's next".

Fabulous can be affordable. Your Friends at Big Bow Events design dreams everyday. Feel free to visit our website and our facebook to see some examples of our work. It would be our pleasure to help you bring your vision to life.