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Fusion Weddings " the blending of our world"


As the first specialist in planning & designing Multi-Cultural Weddings in St.Louis & Orlando for many years, we know men and women with different ethnic or family backgrounds are falling in love.With multicultural weddings becoming more desirable. Blending both the bride and groom’s ethnicity,values,rituals and religious traditions into one harmonious event that keeps both sets of parents happy in the process demands a little more planning and creativity. It’s a matter of understanding and respect for each culture, and being able to bring those two different aesthetics together into something cohesive.

“The key to a seamless multicultural wedding is to personalize your wedding with traditions or rituals that appeal to both the bride and the groom.Sometimes incorporating both the bride and groom’s traditions into one ceremony isn’t so easy, especially when there are such sharp contrasts between the two cultures. Each background can be given equal weight throughout the many facets of a wedding event, from the engagement party to bachelor and bachelorette parties, to the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.

 “There are times when separate ceremonies may be necessary to keep the peace on both sides of the family,” “If more than one ceremony does take place, don’t spend too much time worrying what your guests will think,“Most of them will inevitably end up enjoying being taken out of their usual comfort zones.”

The reception is the perfect opportunity to bring both sides together into a grand party that celebrates this cultural extravaganza. “D├ęcor, music, food and venue can be the great icebreaker for all of the invitees who are now going to be one big family,” Culinary fusion is one of the best ways to show how well cultures blend together. 

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Bharaat in St. Louis:

St. Louis Wedding Planner and Decorator.

Saint Louis is a city that has a lot of character. From the old world 1800's style buildings to the new modern ones, there are plenty of sites in the area to have a great ceremony and a fabulous reception. Many of the venues and vendors in St. Louis are very affordable when you consider the last two year's national averages. It should be noted that full wedding planning averages around $5000.00 nationally. However, the numbers are skewed a bit by all of the "Day of" Coordinating services that are considerably less. Should you have any questions and need services to recommend venues and vendors, please reach out to us. We would be happy to be of assistance.  

Elements and Costs of a Typical Wedding with the average cost of a wedding estimated in the thousands, let’s break down the range of costs an average American could pay for a wedding that includes 100 people:

  • Wedding License: $35 (cost varies by state)
  • Wedding DJ: $100 to $300 per hour ($500 – $1,500 for 5-hour reception)
  • Photographer: $750 to $10,000
  • Catering: $20 to $350 per person ($2,000 to $35,000)
  • Flowers: $400 to $5,000
  • Reception Venue and Decorations: $300 to $10,000
  • Cake: $1.50 to $12 per slice ($150 to $1,200)
  • Dress: $100 to $5,000
  • Tuxedo: $100 and up
  • Officiant: $200
  • 2 Wedding Bands: $200 to $3,000
  • Wedding Invitations: $100 to $5,000