Thursday, November 8, 2012

Planning A Multicultural Wedding

Fusion Weddings
Today, more women and men with different ethnic or family backgrounds are falling in love, with multicultural weddings becoming more desirable. Blending both the bride and groom’s ethnicities, values, rituals and religious traditions into one harmonious event that keeps both sets of parents happy in the process demands a little more planning and creativity. It’s a matter of understanding and respect for each culture, and being able to bring those two different aesthetics together into something cohesive.

Our Advice
There are times when separate ceremonies may be necessary to keep the peace on both sides of the family,” says Nikki Khan of Big Bow Events, which specializes in multicultural weddings in Orlando and St. Louis. “If more than one ceremony does take place, don’t spend too much time worrying what your guests will think,” Khan says. “Most of them will inevitably end up enjoying being taken out of their usual comfort zones.”

  Big Bow Events, which specializes in multicultural weddings in St. Louis & Orlando, offers the following tips:

• Educate both sides of the family about what traditions are represented. Communication and translation are important. Having a dynamic person at the wedding to interpret or guide your guests through the different processes will leave no questions as to what is going on.
• When choosing a venue, be upfront about what traditions you want present for the ceremony, and find out if they will allow those rituals.
• When planning, listen closely to family wishes and expectations on both sides. People may not be very forthcoming with telling you who is going to be opposed to what, so it’s most important that you’re hearing the things they aren’t saying. Anticipating needs will vastly improve the entire experience.
• If you decide to incorporate non-traditional foods, ask the venue if it allows outside catering, and what the guidelines and prices are.

Best Time To Incorporate
The reception is the perfect opportunity to bring both sides together into a grand party that celebrates this cultural extravaganza. “D├ęcor, music, food and venue can be the great icebreaker for all of the invitees who are now going to be one big family,” adds Khan. Culinary fusion is one of the best ways to show how well cultures blend together.

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