Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wedding and Event Decor St. Louis

Wedding and Event Decor actually play an very significant role in the adventure that you create for your guest's experience. Many people tend to judge how successful or beautiful an event is by how it is decorated and studies show that room enhancement contribute to overall guest satisfaction. Colors that set a warm and inviting or relaxing tone affect your guests (sometimes) on a subconscious level. Centerpieces for example are a lot more important that most people realize. A good centerpiece will carry the ceremony theme into the reception and help convey the mood of the party. Once your guests are seated, they become the one thing that they look at the most.  It is the focal point guests talk about and command their attention for up to 40% of the time they are at your reception. They are the center of awareness at each table. It is important that they convey the importance of the event while showing the character of the bride, groom and their families. Some choices costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars. At Big Bow Events, we pride ourselves in our ability to save our clients thousands of dollars while providing top of the line flowers and decor. It is always a pleasure for us to help design rooms and decorate weddings and events here in St. Louis and around the country for our clients. The picture below shows one that we did for an engagement party at the Renaissance Grand Downtown. It stood around five feet in height and had live fish, an Indian elephant, sea shells and lighting inside of the vessel along with tall florals and palms on top. Please visit our website and facebook to view some examples of our work and feel free to call or email us should you want to schedule time to have a free consultation with our team.