Wednesday, March 28, 2018

What is Diversity in St. Louis?

               The New Inclusiveness.                 I

It is so refreshing to hear people refer to multiculturalism and being inclusive these days. It's very trendy to tout these terms and attributes: a far cry from the not to distant past when there were a host of bad words and epitaphs to describe the what some felt was the opposite of this newly described phenomenon. Though many people may not admit it, there is a rise in this very divisiveness.

 Those of us who remember and still a lot of times feel like we are not being included in the inclusiveness, who's cultures are now “Multi's,” or some other hip term are struggling with both pride and shame. 

We are proud that many venues are allowing us to have our Diverse Ceremonies, foods and decorations. But, shamefully we are still  not allowed membership into many of the very country clubs we may hold them in. For us, many places still tell us "no". 

 In a sense, calling us "diverse"  belittles the fact that we are all a global family.

 Our children grow up, fall in love and God willing, marry who they want and dare not to be shunned. At the end of the day, we all want the same things. We all want to sleep well at night, feeling that we did good things for ourselves and others.

 We all eat potatoes, we just cook them differently. Learn other recipes, taste other things and you will find for example: that you don't have to be Italian to love pizza. It is ours to love.

Own it! Celebrate love in every form with your whole diverse inclusive heart. 

We have no choice in the way that God made us. It not simply diversity,

 it is REALITY.

Please enjoy these pictures of people we have worked with and for. 

We love them and hope you will too!!  

 Let's educate them with our love.